Love Thy Self

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Recently I’ve had a beautiful friend of mine speak negatively about her appearance after the birth of her precious little girl. We are so hard on ourselves and the way we perceive we should look. Our image perception comes to us from so many different sources the obvious ones such as tv, magazines and social media. Partners and husband’s and even other women. 

Our Mothers are one of our biggest role models in learning how we treat ourselves. 

Remember when you were a little girl watching your mum? Were you like me? I looked at my mother like she was a glamorous movie star. She was a queen with perfect hair and make up, beautiful clothes, kind eyes and she was an amazing cook. I never once looked at her and thought negatively about the way she looked. I know that she looked in the mirror and didn’t always love what she saw though. She dieted and worked out like mad. That’s what us women do. We look in the mirror and search for flaws. How quickly our eyes search them out, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin, flabby tummy, droopy breasts, hair growing where it shouldn’t, pimples, the list goes on and on! Don’t even get me started on the obsession we have with a number on the scales. 

What would happen if we looked in the mirror and admired what we saw? What if we saw what other people saw? Kind eyes, a smile that lights up your whole face, arms perfect for hugging and a heart so full of love that it’s contagious. 

Go and look in the mirror. Look into your eyes. See what everyone else sees. The time has come for love. You can’t expect a physical change if you are looking in the mirror with hate and loathing. 

Let’s teach our daughter’s that they are more than their looks. To love their brains and their compassion and their exuberance for life. Let’s teach our son’s to appreciate more about a woman than her looks. 

Let’s build strong independent women, starting with ourselves. 

It’s time to honour the goddess that is within all of us.