Being in the Southern Hemisphere we are getting ready to celebrate Beltane on the 31st of October. A lot of Southern Hemisphere pagans chose to also follow the Northern Hemisphere Samhain, otherwise known as All Hallows Eve or Halloween. 

Beltane is a fertility celebration, a time of prosperity and an awakening of the land. A time where nature comes alive and the spirits of nature are most active. You may find faery rings of mushrooms or grass. It is a time that the veil between worlds is thining. A time to converse with your ancestors. 

Beltane may be celebrated with a may pole, a bon fire and a magnificent feast. A return to nature or even planting. There are many rituals that may take place all dependant on the individual and their wishes. After the feast has been completed and the fire has burned to ashes it is time to look forward to the season of growth ahead.