Connected Souls 

Have you ever just met someone & just clicked? Conversation flows effortlessly, a spark of curiosity. Comfortable silence. Their soul whispers to yours. An invisible cord silently connecting you together.

Some people think that a soul mate is a romantic attachment. I don’t necessarily think this is correct. I believe that we are born with a heartbeat and every now and again we meet another and their heartbeat falls in sync with ours. At that first meeting, your souls intertwine. Destiny will ensure you return your souls together if not immediately, then when the great forces of the universe determine that the time is right. 

One half of the twin flame may still have lessons to learn or perhaps some unfinished business to close. Maybe they are healing someone or teaching another. One thing is certain, in the end the connected souls will reunite. 

It may be a child, someone you are destined to have a great friendship with, a lover or a teacher. It may be for a lifetime or for an eternity. 

It’s important to allow for the universe to do what is required in what ever time it needs. Don’t force it. Allow it to play out naturally and organically. In the end the souls who are meant to be together will connect, there is no stopping it. Twin flames, soul mates, connected souls are destined to be together in every lifetime. Not always in the same form, but always together.