Natural Asthma Relief


*Please ensure that you do not stop conventional medications. Asthma is potentially deadly and must be treated with caution. The following advice is to be used in conjunction with your prescribed medications. Hopefully over time you will find that you become less dependent on them.*

There are a lot of environmental triggers when it comes to Asthma. Grasses, pollen’s and chemicals are three of the main culprits. While we can’t completely remove them from our lives without living in a bubble we can try and arm our bodies with ‘armour’ to deal with it. Illness is another time when Asthma tends to flare up for many people. The following is a list of natural remedies that may assist in alleviating the symptoms.

Honey (ingested) – The honey must be raw and from your local area. It can usually be sourced from farmers markets and organic stores. As the honey is not heat treated the enzymes from our little bee friends is safely contained within the amber liquid that they produce. They collect the pollen from the trees and flowers in your local area. Much the way vaccinations work, when you are ingesting the honey you are also ingesting microscopic amounts of the pollen’s that you are reacting too. Over time you will become less sensitive as your body builds a tolerance.

Cinnamon (Ingested) – Fights infections and virus’s. Delicious when combined with the honey in breakfast foods & smoothies.

Herbs (Ingested) – Grindelia, adhatoda, elecampane, valerian are all listed as helping the reduce spasming of the airway. White Horehound & Common Plantain also provide respiratory relief however they are not suitable for children.

Vitamins (Ingested) – A, C D & Magnesium. All assist in maintaining health. Magnesium is an absolute must!

Essential Oils (Topical, Inhalation) – create a blend of the following;

Cajeput x 6 drops

Peppermint x 6 drops

Sweet Fennel x 6 drops

This blend can be used in a vaporiser or mixed with a carrier oil such as sweet almond for a massage oil. Please ensure that you follow the basic essential oil safety precautions when blending your own massage oils. Generally I would use 12 drops per 10ml for an adult 4% blend, I would use 6 drops per 10ml for a child or sensitive skin adult 2% blend. Please remember that true essential oils can burn. I will never advise you to ingest oils and it infuriates me when I see ‘consultants’ recommending people drink and consume these oils. Please do not do it!

Essential Oils (Cleaning) – Another big trigger for me is cleaning chemicals. I have replaced my surface sprays with the following which I just mix into a spray bottle.

Peppermint x 30 drops

White Vinegar x 1/4 cup


Mix in your spray bottle and use in place of your surface spray and antibacterial wipes.

Peppermint is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal & anti-viral which makes it perfect for replacing those harmful chemicals!

Please ensure that your essential oils are pure and organic where ever possible. Be careful with the influx of multilevel marketing companies and their consultants that have flooded the market, they are well meaning but unfortunately there is a lot of mis-information out there. Try and buy local. It is important that we keep small independent farmers and sellers alive and growing!