Mabon in the Southern Hemisphere


Depending on which wheel you follow we will be celebrating the Autumn Equinox  ‘Mabon’ in the Southern Hemisphere from the 20th through to the 23rd of March.

A reprieve to the stifling, long, hot summer days. The time between the end of summer and the beginning of winter. While the days are still warm the evenings will now begin to cool. Day and night over the equinox are the same length. While the storm season is still active in the north the first frosts will soon be felt in the south.

Mabon is the sabbat of the second harvest. A time between, a balance between light and dark. A shift within nature and ourselves. Time for transformation from mother to crone. Strong and clear psychic vision and dreams are a flow at this time. It is a time of endless possibilities.

Mabon is a time that we will reap what we sew so be sure to give thanks and gratitude for all that the year has provided and all that it will continue to provide.

Ideas for honouring Mabon in the Southern Hemisphere;

  • Decorate your home and altar in Autumn colours.
  • Carve apples with pagan markings, hollow out the centre and insert a tea light candle for your table centre piece.
  • Celebrate with family and friends by sharing a feast of Autumn foods such as pies, nuts, bread, roast meats and soup. Fruit and vegetables that are plentiful at this time such as grapes, apples and corn.
  • Drink dark fruity beverages such as tea, red wine, sangria, mulled wine or even a fruit punch.
  • Light candles in Autumn colours such as red, dark green, brown, yellow and orange.

Even if you are still in the broom closet, it is still possible to give your thanks this Mabon.

Aimee xx


Image Credit: Deviant Art


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