Good Night 2017

2017, I had high hopes. A one year. A year of new beginnings and fresh starts. I have come to the realisation that there can be no new beginning or fresh start without something first ending and causing a shift. 

We lost 5 souls from our circle this year. 

The twins. They were a miracle to even be conceived. They were a blessing that had been prayed for, wished for and were desperately loved. When we started loosing them i prayed and begged for them to stay. I questioned my beliefs. It has taken most of the year to be ‘okay’. I will never be the same. It has changed who I am to my core. 

The Mates. Leigh’s 2 best mates Kurt & Dan, were tragically lost in a car racing accident. They have left behind young children and loving families. With my already shattered heart I comforted my husband through his grief. The devastation this accident caused is unfathomable. The knowledge of how close I came to loosing my own husband has amplified my anxiety every time he leaves the house. I don’t know if this will ever change. I think this is just who I am now.

The Grandmother. A beautiful lady who lived a rich and full life. While it is sad to lose another from our fold I am so proud to have known the great woman that she was.  

Tonight I light 5 candles, one to honour each of their souls. Each is a loss and our hearts ache for all of them. 

2017 was a year of endings. Of  learning how to move forward, beginning this new life. Many lessons have been learnt. Patience, trust and above all love. 

I spent so much of 2017 trying to control everything.  How I looked, my emotions, my health. Situations that I had absolutely no control over. So 2018 is going to be a year of breathing. Of releasing and trusting that what will be, will be. I am going to love deeply, breath and let things happen the way that they are going to happen. 

I welcome 2018 with open arms. 

Have a blessed year & do things that make your heart happy.
Aimee x


Standing Rock Prayer 

Goddess I call on you to stand with our brothers and sisters protecting the sacred Standing Rock . Please surround them with your protection and allow them to feel the love and strength being sent to them from around the world. May the people with the authority to stop the attack on this site see reason . May the voice of your children be heard. 

Brothers and sisters protecting Standing Rock. Thank you for your ongoing protection of our Mother. Feel her ancient blood running through your veins. Allow our love and energy to give you the courage to keep fighting. We are all still with you. 

Blessed Be x