Ostara – The Spring Equinox

Ostara or the Spring Equinox will be celebrated on the 23rd of September in the Southern Hemisphere this year.

The earth is starting to awaken and is reborn as the fathers mighty rays warm the land.

I have put together a list of simple, economic rituals for marking the sabbat for those of us not involved with a coven.

  • Revamp your altar. Add plants, flowers, white candles. Add items that celebrate spring!
  • Create a sacred space in your garden or a sunny spot on your verandah. Plant new seedlings, install wind chimes or create an outdoor altar.
  • Honour the mother earth by visiting the beach, a rain forest or an outdoor area that you feel drawn to. Plant your bare feet on the ground and reconnect with her magnificent energy.
  • Perform a ‘Spring Clean’. De-clutter, wipe down all bench tops, walls and doors with a mixture of water, peppermint essential oil and vinegar. Open all doors and windows then perform an energy cleanse using sage or noise such as a bell, clapping or a crystal singing bowl. Walk through each room closing it up as you finish. Start at the rear of your home and work towards the front to sweep any negative energy out the front door. You can perform an incantation as you travel through each room to cleanse and bless.
  • Meditate, use the energy of the equinox to recharge and reconnect.
  • Host a meal for those you are closest to. Incorporate food and drinks of Ostara such as seeds, leafy greens, spring vegetables, eggs and chocolate. If you eat meat you could utilse young meat such as chicken or lamb, just make sure to show gratitude for their sacrifice. Anything fresh young and vibrant is suitable. Eat outside, take advantage of the warmer days and evenings. Listen to the birds and insects.
  • Give an offering of honey or cake to the fae in your garden. 

    Image Credit: Fred Fields


    Connected Souls 

    Have you ever just met someone & just clicked? Conversation flows effortlessly, a spark of curiosity. Comfortable silence. Their soul whispers to yours. An invisible cord silently connecting you together.

    Some people think that a soul mate is a romantic attachment. I don’t necessarily think this is correct. I believe that we are born with a heartbeat and every now and again we meet another and their heartbeat falls in sync with ours. At that first meeting, your souls intertwine. Destiny will ensure you return your souls together if not immediately, then when the great forces of the universe determine that the time is right. 

    One half of the twin flame may still have lessons to learn or perhaps some unfinished business to close. Maybe they are healing someone or teaching another. One thing is certain, in the end the connected souls will reunite. 

    It may be a child, someone you are destined to have a great friendship with, a lover or a teacher. It may be for a lifetime or for an eternity. 

    It’s important to allow for the universe to do what is required in what ever time it needs. Don’t force it. Allow it to play out naturally and organically. In the end the souls who are meant to be together will connect, there is no stopping it. Twin flames, soul mates, connected souls are destined to be together in every lifetime. Not always in the same form, but always together. 

    Standing Rock Prayer 

    Goddess I call on you to stand with our brothers and sisters protecting the sacred Standing Rock . Please surround them with your protection and allow them to feel the love and strength being sent to them from around the world. May the people with the authority to stop the attack on this site see reason . May the voice of your children be heard. 

    Brothers and sisters protecting Standing Rock. Thank you for your ongoing protection of our Mother. Feel her ancient blood running through your veins. Allow our love and energy to give you the courage to keep fighting. We are all still with you. 

    Blessed Be x


    The Great Goddess

    A Healer, Midwife, Protector of the Land, Legendary Witch, The Moon

    Often depicted as the keeper of death however Morrigan is also the giver and sustainer of life and power.

    A shape shifter who is often represented by the Crow, Raven, Owl or Vulture.

    She is the Earth Element.

    A Triple Goddess representing the maiden, mother, crone.

    Call on her in times of Transformation, Regeneration and Renewing. If Morrigan is on your side during battle you can be assured of victory.

    Morrigan has given birth to countless daughters whose blood still runs through the veins of her decendants.

    For further in depth reading on the history of Morrigan I recommend http://www.druidry.org/library/gods-goddesses/morrigan

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    A Full Moon Ritual


    The full moon is the perfect time for not just manifesting but also investing in yourself for a few hours.

    My full moon ritual consists of;

    Cooking a meal to share with my family, something nourishing that we can be thankful for. For me cooking is a passion, I love getting the balance of flavours just right and enjoy making a meal look appetizing.

    I of course take a bath with my beautiful soaks and essential oils. I take this time to think about all of the things that I am thankful for not just from the previous cycle but also my entire life. Even when things are a little bit rocky there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. If I am having a particularly bad time sometimes I just focus on my breathing and give thanks for that. Twenty minutes of meditating in a bath is enough to ground me, and for me to realise that life’s dramas and problems are never as bad as they first appear.

    I take my crystals out to bask in the moon light and recharge. At this time I silently speak to the Mother Earth. Depending on what I am manifesting I may light a candle that has a special meaning to me, either the scent or the colour. Throughout the cycle I will continue to burn the candle to remind me what I am focusing on.

    While super moons are common, with between 4 to 6 occurring every year, tonight’s super moon will be the closest that it has been to earth in 70 years. Her pull on the earth is felt even by those who do not believe in her magic, just ask those who work in emergency wards or with small children!

    Expect the effects to be magnified! The old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’ holds significant meaning. Be clear, be positive and be specific. You can’t just say I want a million dollars & expect someone to come knocking on your door! You have to have a clear focus & understand that things take time to manifest.

    I dream of owning a little cottage with lush green land all around. A long driveway lined with magnificent trees, a flowing creek. Gardens filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers. Chickens roaming around. Veranda’s with comfy chairs for reading, spaces for art and cooking. All of my favourite things.

    I know these things take time, but I believe.


    Image source Pintrest

    Young Wild Free


    Run Red – A conceptual fine art photography print by Australian Artist Hayley Roberts available through Etsy

    How do we support our young wild girls as they transition into young wild women? How do we teach them to embrace their wild side while still conforming to social normality? How do we teach them that it is okay to be their own individual, authentic selves, when they are constantly bombarded with messages to fit in, be the same, don’t stand out. How do we teach them to control their fire when it bursts out of them?

    They are youthful, beautiful and innocent. They are free from expectations. They are knowledge seekers, sponges ready to absorb information that is presented to them.

    She is beautiful, she is unique, she is honest, she feels deeply, she is wise beyond her years, she is amazing.

    She is my daughter.



    A witch is a wise woman, a healer, a wortcunner (herbalist), a grandmother, a bonesetter, a mid-wife. She is a cunning woman — one who knows. She is a woman who understands the powers of the changing seasons and the phases of celestial bodies. She is the woman in your village who will come to your home when you are ailing with a cauldron of herbal tea and sit with her loving and healing hand on your back while you drink it.

    A witch is part shaman, part psychologist. She understands not only how to choose the right root for the cure, but what must be healed at the root to make a person whole: a broken heart; an angry liver; lungs full of grief; etc.
    These women honed their wisdom and craft not through some dark sorcery, but through quiet lives filled with careful study and communion with the natural world, and they passed down their wisdom in lineages that spanned millennia.
    Witches not only facilitated wellness and healing, they advised and assisted in all aspects of life effected by the Turning of the Seasonal Wheel. They knew the right time to plant a seed and the particular moment to cut a leaf or harvest a root for optimum potency. They were effective, humble, and dedicated servants of their communities.
    And what did they receive for this service? Gratitude? Accolades? Tragically, no.
    For their service to humanity these wise healing women were killed by the millions. (Please read that word again: millions.)
    They were tortured on racks, eviscerated, drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, boiled alive in pots, and drowned in rivers and in barrels. They were raped and defiled in ways no one should ever have to think about never mind experience. When they hung these poor women, they did so with a short rope because it was not enough just to kill them, they had to torture them first, and a short rope does not snap the neck, it strangles.
    This is patriarchy; this is femicide; this is the destruction of the living legacy of the power of women at its most diabolical. 
    And the more powerful these women were, the more successful their healing graces, the better they served their communities, the greater the chance that they would be taken to the slaughter because success was seen as proof that they must have powers that “come from the devil.”
    When things went wrong, they were also blamed. When a child failed to thrive, a cow quit giving milk, or when a person died despite the best efforts of a healing woman, people in their grief (and need for a scapegoat), and powerful men looking for an excuse to take them down, went after these women often burning their homes and taking their lives.
    And that, is true evil, to use superstition and fear to crush powerful women to dust. Because, even to this day, a powerful woman, standing in her wisdom and strength is something that many will simply not abide.
    As religions grew in power and as a male-only chemical based medical system came into dominance, the demonization and slaughter of these wortcunners, midwives and village healers became a genocide. So many died we will never know the full numbers. Because of their “evil” most were dumped in pauper’s graves and their families were left to mourn in isolation.
    But today the goddess is rising and we witches are rising strong with her. Today women are beginning to come back to their rightful places of power and with them they bring circles instead of hierarchies. They bring not only cures, but deep healing. For in our creative and generative power, women stand in symbol and purpose as Mother Nature to all living things on our planet.  I pray each day that together we guide a better world into being.
    Today herbal medicine, methods of hands-on healing, biodynamic and organic farming —all the realms of witches— are becoming widespread again and women are leading the way.
    But, you may ask, What of magick? Aren’t witches magick? And the answer is, Yes! Yes we are. Because magick is just another form of mindfulness. To know how to be still, to meditate, to listen to messages spoken by the wind, to hear the voice of a tender spring shoot, to feel the pulse and rhythm of life at its deepest levels: this is the magick of the witch. This is my magick and I feel it running deep in my courage bones every moment of my life.
    So, I stand proudly before you today and every day of my life on the graves of my slaughtered sisters to take back this word, witch. To retrieve it from its place as hate speech, and elevate it to a word of power in its true meaning.
    I stand up to honor them and in order to make sure that hate, fear and patriarchy never again try to wipe us from the face of the earth.
    My name is Teal, and I am a witch.
    Please share, and by whatever name you call yourself, live your wild, and stand in your power.
    This piece is by guest blogger Teal Chimblo Fyrberg.

    You can find more of Teal’s writing at wildteal.com