Young Wild Free


Run Red – A conceptual fine art photography print by Australian Artist Hayley Roberts available through Etsy

How do we support our young wild girls as they transition into young wild women? How do we teach them to embrace their wild side while still conforming to social normality? How do we teach them that it is okay to be their own individual, authentic selves, when they are constantly bombarded with messages to fit in, be the same, don’t stand out. How do we teach them to control their fire when it bursts out of them?

They are youthful, beautiful and innocent. They are free from expectations. They are knowledge seekers, sponges ready to absorb information that is presented to them.

She is beautiful, she is unique, she is honest, she feels deeply, she is wise beyond her years, she is amazing.

She is my daughter.



Protect Your Wild Heart


Artwork by VoogsArt available through Etsy


Beware those who prey on the kindness and perceived weakness of others.  In this day and age these predators are all around us. They can be lovers, friends, business associates, yoga instructors, that music loving ‘free spirit’. They can be men or women. There are people doing their best to make a quick dollar by jumping on the holistic, hipster bandwagon.

Social media is a double edged sword, it provides us with the means to ‘follow’ those people who seem to be on our wave length. Those gurus that seem to have it all together. They share photo after photo of their perfect bodies and perfect life and their latest products and creations.  We  can now collect ‘friends’ that we would never stop and have a conversation with in the street, however we inadvertently  share our happiest and worst moments with.

Protect your precious heart for not everyone is who they seem.


Make sure you take the time to really get to know people. Find out what makes them tick, what are their passions? Be open and honest and true to who you are, but protect your precious heart. There is no rush wild one. Good people will be the same way with you that you are with them. A wise woman once told me to let people be who they are and do what they do because only then will you see the true person that they are. Even the most cunning fox can only put on an act for so long.

Beware the manipulator. The charming person who projects an image of kindness and joy and love. If they try to change you; what you wear, what you eat, the way you style your hair, your friends or your passions then they are not what they seem on the surface. It can be difficult to spot a manipulator in the beginning. They are great at controlling situations and people to get what they need in life. While their victim is still trying to understand how a situation has occurred the manipulator has already moved onto planning the next attack. Run while you can my love because once a manipulator has you in their grasp slowly eroding your confidence over time it can be difficult to escape. Once you do you may find yourself needing a lot of time to recover and remember who you are.

The Narcissist & perpetual victim will draw you in with their tales of hardship and wrongdoings against them. In the beginning you may actually like this person, but as the friendship progresses you will begin to notice a pattern repeating itself.  There’s always a new drama, whether it’s a terrible childhood tale, a negative work situation, constant illness, issues with bosses or work colleagues and even other ‘narcissistic’ ex-lovers or friends.  When you withdraw the support and energy you are giving to the victim you often find yourself as another perpetrator in the narcissist’s web of lies. The truth is that we have all been victims at one point or another. It is how we chose to progress from that point, that defines who we are.

Don’t change who you are, just be aware. Continue to love completely. Continue to care deeply. That is what makes you so beautiful. True beauty radiates from the depths of your soul. Live a life that is filled with love and passion, chase your dreams. Collect the people you love and hold on to them tight but gently discard the toxic.

Shine bright wild one but remember – kindness, not weakness.



This stunning water colour painting is by Sydney artist Louise De Masi and can be purchased through Etsy


Do you find feathers in your travels? Lately I have been finding them every few days. Many cultures, tribes and religions believe that finding a feather in your path is a sign from your angels or guides and that they carry a message, a special meaning and magic.

When you are sent a feather use it as a sign that you are on the right path, a cosmic hello from your ancestors! Be thankful for the sign. Make sure you always take the time to be thankful for the small things, like the warm sun on your skin, the feel of the sand or earth beneath your feet, finding a treasure like a small coin, a shell or a feather.

Different colour feathers carry different meanings, however, try not to get to caught up on the individual meanings. Use your intuition, if you have been asking for guidance on a particular topic or situation perhaps it is relating to that. What is it that you have been thinking about the most recently?

White Feathers


  • Peace
  • Hope
  • Trust
  • Faith
  • Protection
  • A sign from the moon, have you performed a moon ritual lately? It may be a sign that you are on the right path or that things are in motion.

Black Feathers


  • Protection
  • A warning of negative energy
  • Spiritual wisdom, are you going through a period of growth or increased knowledge?
  • May be providing insight into a situation. A reminder to set boundaries and remain aware of what is going on.

Grey Feathers


  • Peace and neutrality

Brown Feathers


  • Stability
  • Grounding
  • Respect
  • Friendship
  • Home

Green Feathers


  • Health and healing
  • Money and prosperity
  • Success
  • A message from your animal guides

Blue Feathers


  • Peace
  • Inspiration
  • Psychic awareness and  connection to your spirit guides

Wild women



Remember as a child being free and happy? No expectations burdened on you, no shackles binding you. Did you run barefoot, the sand between your toes, the decomposing leaves of the rainforest under your feet?

Where is she? Do you hear her voice? The one who challenges you, the one who rejects the demands placed upon you. The one who guides you. Do not ignore your intuition. You were born with the gift.

The time has come to embrace your divine inner goddess for she is within each of us. Be still. Listen. Embrace.

The stunning Raven Goddess art work is by Emily Balivet. You can find her on Etsy.