Ostara – The Spring Equinox

Ostara or the Spring Equinox will be celebrated on the 23rd of September in the Southern Hemisphere this year.

The earth is starting to awaken and is reborn as the fathers mighty rays warm the land.

I have put together a list of simple, economic rituals for marking the sabbat for those of us not involved with a coven.

  • Revamp your altar. Add plants, flowers, white candles. Add items that celebrate spring!
  • Create a sacred space in your garden or a sunny spot on your verandah. Plant new seedlings, install wind chimes or create an outdoor altar.
  • Honour the mother earth by visiting the beach, a rain forest or an outdoor area that you feel drawn to. Plant your bare feet on the ground and reconnect with her magnificent energy.
  • Perform a ‘Spring Clean’. De-clutter, wipe down all bench tops, walls and doors with a mixture of water, peppermint essential oil and vinegar. Open all doors and windows then perform an energy cleanse using sage or noise such as a bell, clapping or a crystal singing bowl. Walk through each room closing it up as you finish. Start at the rear of your home and work towards the front to sweep any negative energy out the front door. You can perform an incantation as you travel through each room to cleanse and bless.
  • Meditate, use the energy of the equinox to recharge and reconnect.
  • Host a meal for those you are closest to. Incorporate food and drinks of Ostara such as seeds, leafy greens, spring vegetables, eggs and chocolate. If you eat meat you could utilse young meat such as chicken or lamb, just make sure to show gratitude for their sacrifice. Anything fresh young and vibrant is suitable. Eat outside, take advantage of the warmer days and evenings. Listen to the birds and insects.
  • Give an offering of honey or cake to the fae in your garden. 

    Image Credit: Fred Fields


    Full Moon in Gemini

    The full moon will rise in the Southern Hemisphere on the 13th of December at 17.39pm. This will be the final super moon for 2016, so it’s our last chance to take advantage of the additional power this will generate.

    This cycle is in the zodiac sign of Gemini. Gemini is a time for new ideas and information. Listen and try to understand what is important. Use this full moon to evaluate what you have learnt this year, be thankful for the blessings that you have received and release what is no longer serving you.

    Say goodbye to 2016, a year of lessons and heavy emotions and prepare to welcome 2017, a year of new beginnings and fresh starts.

    Perform a cleansing ritual on yourself & your space. Charge your crystals and tools. And bathe in the last powerful moonlight for 2016.




    A Full Moon Ritual


    The full moon is the perfect time for not just manifesting but also investing in yourself for a few hours.

    My full moon ritual consists of;

    Cooking a meal to share with my family, something nourishing that we can be thankful for. For me cooking is a passion, I love getting the balance of flavours just right and enjoy making a meal look appetizing.

    I of course take a bath with my beautiful soaks and essential oils. I take this time to think about all of the things that I am thankful for not just from the previous cycle but also my entire life. Even when things are a little bit rocky there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. If I am having a particularly bad time sometimes I just focus on my breathing and give thanks for that. Twenty minutes of meditating in a bath is enough to ground me, and for me to realise that life’s dramas and problems are never as bad as they first appear.

    I take my crystals out to bask in the moon light and recharge. At this time I silently speak to the Mother Earth. Depending on what I am manifesting I may light a candle that has a special meaning to me, either the scent or the colour. Throughout the cycle I will continue to burn the candle to remind me what I am focusing on.

    While super moons are common, with between 4 to 6 occurring every year, tonight’s super moon will be the closest that it has been to earth in 70 years. Her pull on the earth is felt even by those who do not believe in her magic, just ask those who work in emergency wards or with small children!

    Expect the effects to be magnified! The old saying ‘Be careful what you wish for’ holds significant meaning. Be clear, be positive and be specific. You can’t just say I want a million dollars & expect someone to come knocking on your door! You have to have a clear focus & understand that things take time to manifest.

    I dream of owning a little cottage with lush green land all around. A long driveway lined with magnificent trees, a flowing creek. Gardens filled with vegetables, herbs and flowers. Chickens roaming around. Veranda’s with comfy chairs for reading, spaces for art and cooking. All of my favourite things.

    I know these things take time, but I believe.


    Image source Pintrest


    This stunning water colour painting is by Sydney artist Louise De Masi and can be purchased through Etsy


    Do you find feathers in your travels? Lately I have been finding them every few days. Many cultures, tribes and religions believe that finding a feather in your path is a sign from your angels or guides and that they carry a message, a special meaning and magic.

    When you are sent a feather use it as a sign that you are on the right path, a cosmic hello from your ancestors! Be thankful for the sign. Make sure you always take the time to be thankful for the small things, like the warm sun on your skin, the feel of the sand or earth beneath your feet, finding a treasure like a small coin, a shell or a feather.

    Different colour feathers carry different meanings, however, try not to get to caught up on the individual meanings. Use your intuition, if you have been asking for guidance on a particular topic or situation perhaps it is relating to that. What is it that you have been thinking about the most recently?

    White Feathers


    • Peace
    • Hope
    • Trust
    • Faith
    • Protection
    • A sign from the moon, have you performed a moon ritual lately? It may be a sign that you are on the right path or that things are in motion.

    Black Feathers


    • Protection
    • A warning of negative energy
    • Spiritual wisdom, are you going through a period of growth or increased knowledge?
    • May be providing insight into a situation. A reminder to set boundaries and remain aware of what is going on.

    Grey Feathers


    • Peace and neutrality

    Brown Feathers


    • Stability
    • Grounding
    • Respect
    • Friendship
    • Home

    Green Feathers


    • Health and healing
    • Money and prosperity
    • Success
    • A message from your animal guides

    Blue Feathers


    • Peace
    • Inspiration
    • Psychic awareness and  connection to your spirit guides


    Photo source: unknown, but isn’t it stunning! 

    Are your memories of lavender taking you back to your Grandmother’s house? Do you remember the big bush of it growing at her back door? Perhaps it is the scent that takes you back to yesteryear. Lavender is one of those scents that has gone out of style over the years. As big corporations have taken over and celebrities endorse the latest shiny bottle of synthetic, chemical filled liquid. The knowledge that was passed down through the generations is being lost as consumerism takes over. The time has come to reclaim the knowledge of our ancestors.

    As we return to traditional living and remove these toxins from our homes we can again come to appreciate the natural scents that nature provides for us. These days there is no need for us to grow our own plants and herbs, modern convenience allows us to source ethical products from all around the world at the push of a button.

    Pure lavender essential oil has a range of therapeutic and domestic uses in your home. From adding several drops to a warm magnesium bath to help relieve sore muscles and menstrual cramping through to inhaling the scent to help relieve anxiety and insomnia. My favourite use for lavender oil is to add several drops and a quarter cup of white vinegar instead of fabric softener to my washing. Together they act as an antibacterial wash. Your washing will come out smelling fresh and clean, not a trace of the vinegar!

    If you are lucky enough to grow your own lavender, you can distil your own lavender vinegar cleaner by distilling a quarter cup of dried lavender and one cup of white vinegar in a glass jar. Seal and leave in a warm sunny spot. After 10 days strain your vinegar. This blend should be used in a 1:3 water solution and can be used for any of your household cleaning. Once you start to replace the toxic chemicals from your environment you will notice just how irritating they are to our bodies when you do come in contact with them!

    You can purchase my Pure Australian Lavender Essential Oil here.


    Aimee x