Purification and Fire

August 1-2 Here in the Southern Hemisphere.

Traditionally Imbolc is the time the goddess is cleansed and purified. Milk flows for the lambs and baby God. The quickening of the Earth. Goddess preparing for her return to Maiden. The Earth prepares for the fertility of Spring. Life starts new at this time of cleansing.

Modern day Pagans may choose to honour this sabbat with ritual, creating a Brigit’s or solar cross or corn doilies.

Some other ways you may like to honour include;

  • Light a fire
  • Prepare a feast to share
  • Clearing out the old to allow the new to enter
  • Burn Yule greens to send winter on it’s way
  • Leave buttered bread overnight indoors for the fairies on the eve of the Sabbat
  • Cleanse your Alter
  • Cleanse your home with sage, rosemary and sandalwood
  • Write your troubles and anxieties on scraps of paper and burn away in your Imbolc Fire
  • Light candles of white, yellow, red and light green
  • Image Lunaesque
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    Connected Souls 

    Have you ever just met someone & just clicked? Conversation flows effortlessly, a spark of curiosity. Comfortable silence. Their soul whispers to yours. An invisible cord silently connecting you together.

    Some people think that a soul mate is a romantic attachment. I don’t necessarily think this is correct. I believe that we are born with a heartbeat and every now and again we meet another and their heartbeat falls in sync with ours. At that first meeting, your souls intertwine. Destiny will ensure you return your souls together if not immediately, then when the great forces of the universe determine that the time is right. 

    One half of the twin flame may still have lessons to learn or perhaps some unfinished business to close. Maybe they are healing someone or teaching another. One thing is certain, in the end the connected souls will reunite. 

    It may be a child, someone you are destined to have a great friendship with, a lover or a teacher. It may be for a lifetime or for an eternity. 

    It’s important to allow for the universe to do what is required in what ever time it needs. Don’t force it. Allow it to play out naturally and organically. In the end the souls who are meant to be together will connect, there is no stopping it. Twin flames, soul mates, connected souls are destined to be together in every lifetime. Not always in the same form, but always together. 

    Standing Rock Prayer 

    Goddess I call on you to stand with our brothers and sisters protecting the sacred Standing Rock . Please surround them with your protection and allow them to feel the love and strength being sent to them from around the world. May the people with the authority to stop the attack on this site see reason . May the voice of your children be heard. 

    Brothers and sisters protecting Standing Rock. Thank you for your ongoing protection of our Mother. Feel her ancient blood running through your veins. Allow our love and energy to give you the courage to keep fighting. We are all still with you. 

    Blessed Be x


    A witch is a wise woman, a healer, a wortcunner (herbalist), a grandmother, a bonesetter, a mid-wife. She is a cunning woman — one who knows. She is a woman who understands the powers of the changing seasons and the phases of celestial bodies. She is the woman in your village who will come to your home when you are ailing with a cauldron of herbal tea and sit with her loving and healing hand on your back while you drink it.

    A witch is part shaman, part psychologist. She understands not only how to choose the right root for the cure, but what must be healed at the root to make a person whole: a broken heart; an angry liver; lungs full of grief; etc.
    These women honed their wisdom and craft not through some dark sorcery, but through quiet lives filled with careful study and communion with the natural world, and they passed down their wisdom in lineages that spanned millennia.
    Witches not only facilitated wellness and healing, they advised and assisted in all aspects of life effected by the Turning of the Seasonal Wheel. They knew the right time to plant a seed and the particular moment to cut a leaf or harvest a root for optimum potency. They were effective, humble, and dedicated servants of their communities.
    And what did they receive for this service? Gratitude? Accolades? Tragically, no.
    For their service to humanity these wise healing women were killed by the millions. (Please read that word again: millions.)
    They were tortured on racks, eviscerated, drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, boiled alive in pots, and drowned in rivers and in barrels. They were raped and defiled in ways no one should ever have to think about never mind experience. When they hung these poor women, they did so with a short rope because it was not enough just to kill them, they had to torture them first, and a short rope does not snap the neck, it strangles.
    This is patriarchy; this is femicide; this is the destruction of the living legacy of the power of women at its most diabolical. 
    And the more powerful these women were, the more successful their healing graces, the better they served their communities, the greater the chance that they would be taken to the slaughter because success was seen as proof that they must have powers that “come from the devil.”
    When things went wrong, they were also blamed. When a child failed to thrive, a cow quit giving milk, or when a person died despite the best efforts of a healing woman, people in their grief (and need for a scapegoat), and powerful men looking for an excuse to take them down, went after these women often burning their homes and taking their lives.
    And that, is true evil, to use superstition and fear to crush powerful women to dust. Because, even to this day, a powerful woman, standing in her wisdom and strength is something that many will simply not abide.
    As religions grew in power and as a male-only chemical based medical system came into dominance, the demonization and slaughter of these wortcunners, midwives and village healers became a genocide. So many died we will never know the full numbers. Because of their “evil” most were dumped in pauper’s graves and their families were left to mourn in isolation.
    But today the goddess is rising and we witches are rising strong with her. Today women are beginning to come back to their rightful places of power and with them they bring circles instead of hierarchies. They bring not only cures, but deep healing. For in our creative and generative power, women stand in symbol and purpose as Mother Nature to all living things on our planet.  I pray each day that together we guide a better world into being.
    Today herbal medicine, methods of hands-on healing, biodynamic and organic farming —all the realms of witches— are becoming widespread again and women are leading the way.
    But, you may ask, What of magick? Aren’t witches magick? And the answer is, Yes! Yes we are. Because magick is just another form of mindfulness. To know how to be still, to meditate, to listen to messages spoken by the wind, to hear the voice of a tender spring shoot, to feel the pulse and rhythm of life at its deepest levels: this is the magick of the witch. This is my magick and I feel it running deep in my courage bones every moment of my life.
    So, I stand proudly before you today and every day of my life on the graves of my slaughtered sisters to take back this word, witch. To retrieve it from its place as hate speech, and elevate it to a word of power in its true meaning.
    I stand up to honor them and in order to make sure that hate, fear and patriarchy never again try to wipe us from the face of the earth.
    My name is Teal, and I am a witch.
    Please share, and by whatever name you call yourself, live your wild, and stand in your power.
    This piece is by guest blogger Teal Chimblo Fyrberg.

    You can find more of Teal’s writing at

    Protect Your Wild Heart


    Artwork by VoogsArt available through Etsy


    Beware those who prey on the kindness and perceived weakness of others.  In this day and age these predators are all around us. They can be lovers, friends, business associates, yoga instructors, that music loving ‘free spirit’. They can be men or women. There are people doing their best to make a quick dollar by jumping on the holistic, hipster bandwagon.

    Social media is a double edged sword, it provides us with the means to ‘follow’ those people who seem to be on our wave length. Those gurus that seem to have it all together. They share photo after photo of their perfect bodies and perfect life and their latest products and creations.  We  can now collect ‘friends’ that we would never stop and have a conversation with in the street, however we inadvertently  share our happiest and worst moments with.

    Protect your precious heart for not everyone is who they seem.


    Make sure you take the time to really get to know people. Find out what makes them tick, what are their passions? Be open and honest and true to who you are, but protect your precious heart. There is no rush wild one. Good people will be the same way with you that you are with them. A wise woman once told me to let people be who they are and do what they do because only then will you see the true person that they are. Even the most cunning fox can only put on an act for so long.

    Beware the manipulator. The charming person who projects an image of kindness and joy and love. If they try to change you; what you wear, what you eat, the way you style your hair, your friends or your passions then they are not what they seem on the surface. It can be difficult to spot a manipulator in the beginning. They are great at controlling situations and people to get what they need in life. While their victim is still trying to understand how a situation has occurred the manipulator has already moved onto planning the next attack. Run while you can my love because once a manipulator has you in their grasp slowly eroding your confidence over time it can be difficult to escape. Once you do you may find yourself needing a lot of time to recover and remember who you are.

    The Narcissist & perpetual victim will draw you in with their tales of hardship and wrongdoings against them. In the beginning you may actually like this person, but as the friendship progresses you will begin to notice a pattern repeating itself.  There’s always a new drama, whether it’s a terrible childhood tale, a negative work situation, constant illness, issues with bosses or work colleagues and even other ‘narcissistic’ ex-lovers or friends.  When you withdraw the support and energy you are giving to the victim you often find yourself as another perpetrator in the narcissist’s web of lies. The truth is that we have all been victims at one point or another. It is how we chose to progress from that point, that defines who we are.

    Don’t change who you are, just be aware. Continue to love completely. Continue to care deeply. That is what makes you so beautiful. True beauty radiates from the depths of your soul. Live a life that is filled with love and passion, chase your dreams. Collect the people you love and hold on to them tight but gently discard the toxic.

    Shine bright wild one but remember – kindness, not weakness.


    Love Thy Self

    Aphrodite print by Emily Balivet available through Etsy

    Recently I’ve had a beautiful friend of mine speak negatively about her appearance after the birth of her precious little girl. We are so hard on ourselves and the way we perceive we should look. Our image perception comes to us from so many different sources the obvious ones such as tv, magazines and social media. Partners and husband’s and even other women. 

    Our Mothers are one of our biggest role models in learning how we treat ourselves. 

    Remember when you were a little girl watching your mum? Were you like me? I looked at my mother like she was a glamorous movie star. She was a queen with perfect hair and make up, beautiful clothes, kind eyes and she was an amazing cook. I never once looked at her and thought negatively about the way she looked. I know that she looked in the mirror and didn’t always love what she saw though. She dieted and worked out like mad. That’s what us women do. We look in the mirror and search for flaws. How quickly our eyes search them out, wrinkles, cellulite, stretch marks, loose skin, flabby tummy, droopy breasts, hair growing where it shouldn’t, pimples, the list goes on and on! Don’t even get me started on the obsession we have with a number on the scales. 

    What would happen if we looked in the mirror and admired what we saw? What if we saw what other people saw? Kind eyes, a smile that lights up your whole face, arms perfect for hugging and a heart so full of love that it’s contagious. 

    Go and look in the mirror. Look into your eyes. See what everyone else sees. The time has come for love. You can’t expect a physical change if you are looking in the mirror with hate and loathing. 

    Let’s teach our daughter’s that they are more than their looks. To love their brains and their compassion and their exuberance for life. Let’s teach our son’s to appreciate more about a woman than her looks. 

    Let’s build strong independent women, starting with ourselves. 

    It’s time to honour the goddess that is within all of us.